Supercharge hyperilnks with one line of code

Supercharge hyperilnks with one line of code

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Developers & editors have a love-hate relationship with hyperlinks. On the one hand, hyperlinks give your website extra SEO points as it allows Googe & co to put your content in the broader context. On the other hand, when website visitors click on hyperlinks - they are gone, and you might not ever see them again. wants you to stop hating the hyperlinks. After adding the script to your website, hovering over a hyperlink will display a popup previewing the linked content. And even more, when clicking on links to media & rich content (video/audio/presentations), opens media within your website! E.g. click to see that annoying most viewed music video on Youtube or presentation about Generation Z. Your visitors will stay on your website and will say thanks to you, as you just saved them from tab-overload. can also improve website loading speeds. It's known that embedding youtube and other widgets slow down a website. A better approach is to create an image thumbnail and hyperlink it. will load the youtube embed when a visitor clicks on the thumbnails.
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