Improve website & blog engagement with link auto-preview popups automatically generates hyperlink previews within your website. Make your website visitors happy & engaged, so that they have no reason to leave

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How works?


Add script to your website

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Your website now has smart link previews

Hover over the hyperlinks here to see how it looks. Click on video & audio links to get the immersive preivew. Works on any website, blog & e-commerce store.

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Etna Volcano Latest Climate preview of preview of YouTube

Two Types of Previews link preview on hover

Smart Popups Preview on Hover

All hyperlinks on your website will get smart popups with link preview. allows disabling previews for certain links or on certain elements.



Ansel Adams on WikipediaAlexa on Amazon  • Titanic on IMDB  • News on Buzzfeed immersive previews on click

Immersive Previews on Click

Over 1000+ URLs, e.g. Youtube, SoundClound, Instagram & etc., will get an immersive link preview. No more extra tabs and lost visitors.

(un)Expected Benefits

Longer Visitor Engagement

Websites with see 30% increase in users' session length, drop in bounced visitors and lower exit rates.

Better SEO Rankings

Search engines love hyperlinks. Add as many links as you like, and don't be afraid visitors clicking & leaving your website, immersive link previews have you covered.

Superior User Experience

Link previews allow visitors to get instant contextual information about a topic right on your website, where they need it.

Faster Website Loading

Really? Yes! When you replace all those YouTube, Slideshare, Twitter embeds with lazy-loaded immersive link previews you see an immediate boost in loading speed.

Integrate link previews with Webflow
Integrate link previews with Wix
Integrate link previews with Squarespace
Integrate link previews with Wordpress
Integrate link previews with Weebly

Integrates with all Website Builders can be easily added to most popular website-builders, including those starting with "W": Webflow, Wix, WordPress & Weebly

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Blazingly Fast

We've made our popups and link preview incredibly fast through intelligent caching methods.


Improves Performance

Use to improve website performance by lazy-loading videos & widgets.

Focused smart popups do not collect any user information.


No Third-Party Scripts

We do not include any tracking scripts with, like Google Analytics.

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