Link preview on hover from Arc browser,  SigmaOs &

Link preview on hover from Arc browser, SigmaOs &

New browsers are innovating with link previews: the Arc browser with a 5-second link preview and SigmaOS with a command-hover link preview.

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Both functionalities represent a leap towards more intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly web navigation. However, their benefits are currently confined to users of these specific browsers, leaving a gap in the cross-browser experience. 

Arc browser:  5-Second link preview

The Arc browser has introduced a 5-second link preview, allowing users to get an AI-generated brief summary of webpage content by hovering over links. This enhances the browsing experience by providing immediate context, helping users decide whether to engage further with the content. It's an innovative solution to the common problem of navigating through multiple tabs to find relevant information.

SigmaOS: Command-Hover link preview

Similarly, SigmaOS offers a command-hover feature that provides users with a sneak peek of the content behind a link without the need to open it in a new tab​ (SigmaOS)​. This functionality is particularly beneficial for users looking to streamline their workflow and reduce the clutter of unnecessary tabs, thereby improving overall browsing efficiency and focus. - Cross-browser link previews on hover

In-browser link previews are currently limited to users of Arc and SigmaOS browsers. To overcome this limitation and offer link preview for Chrome, Safari & Firefox users, websites can integrate third-party services like provides a platform for websites to incorporate link preview on hover directly into their web pages, making the functionality browser-agnostic. provides similar link previews on hover to Arc & Sigma OS and supports additional immersive link previews on click. When visitors click on a link, will extract the content of the article or video from YouTube and automativally display it within the website . This elevates the user experience for a broader audience and empowers website owners to keep visitors engaged by minimizing the chances of them leaving the site due to uncertainty about the content of external links.


The ARC browser's 5-second preview and Sigma OS's command-hover feature represent significant strides in enhancing web browsing UX. However, their reach is limited to their respective user bases. By adopting services like, websites can provide these innovative link preview capabilities to all visitors, regardless of the browser they use.