Automatically embed TuneIn using Linkz.ai

TuneIn enables people to discover, follow and listen to what's most important to them - from sports, to news, to music, to talk. TuneIn provides listeners access to over 100,000 real radio stations and more than four million podcasts streaming from every continent.

Integrating TuneIn with your website through Linkz.ai enhances user engagement by providing seamless access to a vast array of audio content. When visitors hover over TuneIn hyperlinks, they are greeted with an intuitive link preview, offering a glimpse of the audio experience awaiting them. This immediate, informative summary entices users to delve deeper, increasing the likelihood of them staying on your site. Upon clicking the hyperlink, Linkz.ai takes the experience a step further by automatically extracting the TuneIn embed code and presenting the audio content in an overlay popup. This keeps your audience immersed in your website environment while they listen to their chosen radio station or podcast, ensuring a distraction-free audio experience.

The integration of Linkz.ai with TuneIn hyperlinks on your website not only streamlines the user experience but also adds a layer of sophistication to content presentation. Visitors can effortlessly explore TuneIn's extensive library of over 100,000 radio stations and millions of podcasts without ever leaving your site. The rich link preview feature provides a dynamic way to present audio content, encouraging users to interact with your links. By keeping visitors engaged with embedded audio content directly on your site, you reduce bounce rates and foster a more interactive community around your content. Linkz.ai's smart preview and embed capabilities make it an essential tool for any website looking to offer a comprehensive and immersive audio content experience.

Supported URLs

Linkz.ai will automatically generate embeds in the popup overlay for the following URLs:

  • http://tunein.com/*
  • https://tunein.com/*
  • http://tun.in/*
  • https://tun.in/*

How it works?

To enable automatic embeds on your website:

  1. Sign up to Linkz.ai
  2. Install Linkz.ai script on your website
  3. Hyperlink text & images on your website

Embeds with link previews will automatically appear when visitors hover & click over the hyperlinks. No need to copy any embed codes, everything is takes cares of.

Watch Linkz.ai Demo 0:30s
Watch Linkz.ai Demo 0:30s


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