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Automatically embed LodeStar Learning Corporation using Linkz.ai

eLearning authoring tool that generates geolocation-based stories, interactive fiction, and interactive lessons.

Integrating Linkz.ai with LodeStar Learning Corporation's eLearning authoring tool can significantly enhance the user experience on your educational website. When visitors hover over hyperlinks created with LodeStar's tool, they are instantly greeted with a concise link preview in a popup, providing a quick summary of the geolocation-based stories, interactive fiction, or lessons linked. This immediate visual feedback not only enriches the browsing experience but also helps to keep users engaged with the content, reducing bounce rates and encouraging deeper exploration of the educational materials offered.

When it comes to interactive content, the ability to seamlessly embed rich media directly on your site is crucial for maintaining user immersion. With Linkz.ai, once a visitor clicks on a hyperlink, they're presented with an overlay popup that automatically extracts and displays the linked interactive content without ever leaving the page. This integration ensures that users can enjoy a fluid and uninterrupted learning experience, as they can interact with rich media previews directly within the context of the original content. This streamlined approach to content delivery can lead to increased retention and a more effective educational experience.

Supported URLs

Linkz.ai will automatically generate embeds in the popup overlay for the following URLs:

  • https://lodestarlearning.com/*
  • http://lodestarlearning.com/*

How it works?

To enable automatic embeds on your website:

  1. Sign up to Linkz.ai
  2. Install Linkz.ai script on your website
  3. Hyperlink text & images on your website

Embeds with link previews will automatically appear when visitors hover & click over the hyperlinks. No need to copy any embed codes, everything is takes cares of.

Watch Linkz.ai Demo 0:30s
Watch Linkz.ai Demo 0:30s


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