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Official site of LikeCoin Foundation. LikeCoin aims to reinvent the Like by realigning creativity and reward. We enable attribution and cross-application collaboration on creative contents, with a reinvented Like button and our unique LikeRank algorithm.

Integrating into your website can significantly enhance user engagement and provide a seamless browsing experience. When visitors hover over hyperlinks, they are greeted with an intuitive link preview that offers a concise summary of the linked content. This immediate contextual insight encourages users to explore further without the disruption of navigating away from the current page. For content-rich sites like the official site of LikeCoin Foundation, which is focused on innovation and creative collaboration, this level of user-centric navigation is essential. It ensures that visitors can quickly grasp the value of the LikeCoin initiative and its unique LikeRank algorithm without interrupting their engagement with your content.

For hyperlinks leading to rich media content, elevates the user experience by automatically extracting and displaying the embed code within an overlay popup on your website. This means that when visitors click on a hyperlink related to LikeCoin Foundation, they can instantly view the embedded content, such as videos or images, directly on your site. This seamless integration keeps users immersed in your digital environment, fostering higher retention rates and deeper content interaction. By enabling this direct and efficient access to rich media, not only simplifies content discovery but also aligns perfectly with the LikeCoin Foundation's vision of rewarding creativity and enhancing content attribution across applications.

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How it works?

To enable automatic embeds on your website:

  1. Sign up to
  2. Install script on your website
  3. Hyperlink text & images on your website

Embeds with link previews will automatically appear when visitors hover & click over the hyperlinks. No need to copy any embed codes, everything is takes cares of.

Watch Demo 0:30s
Watch Demo 0:30s


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