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Canal Plus is a French premium tv channel.

Integrating into your website enhances the user experience by seamlessly providing link previews in a popup, ensuring visitors can glimpse the content behind hyperlinks without navigating away from your page. When it comes to premium content providers like CANAL+, offering a summary hyperlink through a hoverable link preview allows users to engage with the content intuitively. This not only keeps users on your site longer but also adds a layer of sophistication to your content presentation, making it more appealing and professional.

For websites that frequently link to rich media content, such as videos from CANAL+, the ability to automatically extract and display embed content directly on your site is invaluable. elevates this process by presenting rich link previews in an overlay popup when a visitor clicks on a hyperlink. This integration means that users can enjoy CANAL+ videos without being redirected, providing a fluid and immersive experience. By keeping users engaged with content on your site, helps to maximize retention and reduce bounce rates, making it a powerful tool for any website owner.

Supported URLs will automatically generate embeds in the popup overlay for the following URLs:


How it works?

To enable automatic embeds on your website:

  1. Sign up to
  2. Install script on your website
  3. Hyperlink text & images on your website

Embeds with link previews will automatically appear when visitors hover & click over the hyperlinks. No need to copy any embed codes, everything is takes cares of.

Watch Demo 0:30s
Watch Demo 0:30s


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