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Allears enables writers to easily record, edit and embed narration directly onto their website or blog, regardless of your publishing platform. Allears' responsive audio player automatically adapts to any website for flawless playback across all devices.

Integrating Allears with enhances user engagement on your website by providing an intuitive audio experience. When visitors hover over hyperlinks connected to Allears audio content, they are greeted with a sleek link preview that summarizes the audio they're about to enjoy. This immediate, visual cue piques interest and encourages users to click through. Upon clicking, seamlessly extracts the Allears embed code and presents the audio content in an overlay popup, ensuring users can listen without navigating away from the page. This streamlined process keeps your audience immersed in your content, while the responsive audio player from Allears ensures a smooth listening experience on any device.

The synergy between Allears and creates a dynamic and interactive environment for your website visitors. By providing a rich link preview, users can engage with your audio content directly within the context of your site, maintaining continuity and enhancing the overall user experience. The integration of these two services means that high-quality audio is just a click away, presented in a format that is both accessible and visually appealing. This not only adds value to your website but also positions you as a forward-thinking content provider who prioritizes user convenience and engagement.

Supported URLs will automatically generate embeds in the popup overlay for the following URLs:


How it works?

To enable automatic embeds on your website:

  1. Sign up to
  2. Install script on your website
  3. Hyperlink text & images on your website

Embeds with link previews will automatically appear when visitors hover & click over the hyperlinks. No need to copy any embed codes, everything is takes cares of.

Watch Demo 0:30s
Watch Demo 0:30s


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